Red Epic

Frank Paul Perez: Director Of Photography

Frank Paul Perez is an award-winning filmmaker and cinematographer working in the SF Bay Area. He is familiar with Arri 35mm and 16mm film cameras, 35mm MovieCam film camera, 35mm Konvas film camera. He is a master of the Red digital camera system, plus many other video camera systems. He is a master of lighting with over 20 years of experience, lighting studio and environmental venues.

Shooting 35mm Film Stock, Red Epic X (Our Red Epic-photo below), and Canon 5D Mark 3RED EPIC W/ 18-85 Zoom



Here is my last film for Director Nick Tubach: The Concert Scene. Location at HertzHall



Film by Michael Lira: This was an exciting film where we did a minute long Oner with a my 5K Red Epic on a steadicam in downtown Berkeley. We used my 14' jib, 10' dolly, my 5' slider, and a lot of very interesting locations

Frame Grab From Red Epic

Frame Grab From My Red Epic: The idea behind the film and this scene is that our protagonist (seen here holding an Iphone) is always lit on the narrow side of her face against a bright background (BG). She "walks" in darkness. We heavliy fogged the background and added 1K light for BG. Her Key is a 300 W Arri Tungsten. This was a six day narrative short film.

Frame Grab From Red Epic

UPDATE: June 2014, Kathmandu, Nepal. I'm back in Nepal this summer for 21 days shooting pick-ups for Mystic Mountain, a feature film I shot in the summer of 2013 in the same location (I was there for 31 days in 2013).


UPDATE: Treasure Mountain Feature Film ended up being a 23 Day consecutive shoot in Kagbeni, Nepal (Middle Mustang) and a one day Green Screen shoot in Kathmandu. The Movie is in post production in L.A.

Nilgiri Nepal

2B2R (Two Blind to Ride) a documentary film about 2 blind American cyclist riding from Terra del Fuego to Alaska in 2012. This is our Setup on a 12th floor balcony in Santiago, Chile with the Andes Mountains in the background. I was the DP and Stills photographer.  

Two Blind To Ride- Santiago, Chile

2B2R- Using my DIY jib (from a Home Depot collapsible paint pole and joint hangers) to get some jib shots from the back of our rented pickup truck (You can see it also served as our grip truck). We are Somewhere between Santiago, Chile and on our way over the Andres to Argentina.

Two Blind to Ride Commercial